Project Description

The Urban, Non-Profit Society “Community of Trees” wishes to create a forest park in Patmos (at Koumas Mountain), consisting mainly of endemic trees. The intention is to create the appropriate conditions for the creation of an autonomous local ecosystem with multiple benefits both for the environment itself and for the inhabitants of the island.


Τhis project envisions to a “chain reaction” of several benefits that one by one seem minor at this stage but, all together combined  will eventually prove that a project like this, is the most beautiful gift that our generation can offer to the next ones. We are indicatively refer to some of these benefits:

  • Trees produce oxygen and purify the air

  • Trees retain the soil the water the humidity favoring the growth of the forest,

  • the existing terraces that will be restored will further retain the water and the soil

  • An ecosystem will be created, birds, bees, small animals will inhabit the forest

  • The park will offer an ideal place for musing and relaxation upgrading the quality of life on the island during all seasons

  • Forest products (fruits, honey etc) may offer a kick to the local economy

  • Tourism will be attracted

  • National or European Funds that will be absorbed for the accomplishment of this project will offer jobs to the local population

  • Environmental awareness will be promoted